The anti-electrostatic workwear is a kind of exposure suit that is made of the conductive fiber. It can be used in the homework place, which brings and accumulates static electricity easily. It can help to deal with the static electricity on clothes or human bodies, which can prevent a fire and the danger of exploding.
I.The anti-electrostatic workwear that produced by our company meets the provision of the standards GB12014-2009
(1)The appearance of the exposure suit: Should have no damaged, spot, filth and other blemishes that influence the function.
(2)Anti-electrostatic function: Each of the anti-electrostatic workwear takes electriferous electric charge<0.6 μ C/ pieces. Degree matches the international a class. Wash-proof time ≥ 33.0 h
(3)Joints: carefully and closely sewed. Sewing strength and splitting strength are no smaller than 98 N
(4)Requests for splitting strength of the material:
thick material:longitude≥780N、Latitude≥390N
thin material: longitude≥490N、Latitude≥390N
If the anti-electrostatic workwear has one out of the above-mentioned four items that not match the international request, it can be refunded or returned.
I.The usage and the regulation of the anti-electrostatic workwear
⑴.The pure cotton clothes as well as chemical fiber clothes take electricity. The pure cotton clothes absolutely can't take the place of the anti-electrostatic clothes.
⑵.Working in the high-pressure work site should wear the anti-electrostatic clothes that are made of the second conductor material.
⑶.To take off the anti-electrostatic clothes in the easy firing and easy exploding area is forbidden.
⑷.To add or carry any metals article on the anti-electrostatic clothes is forbidden
⑸.When wearing the anti-electrostatic clothes, make sure that it goes with the anti-electrostatic shoes which matches GB4385 .
⑹.Washed in the water that below 30 ℃ . Add one gram of soap or washing powder per kilogram. Dissolving ratio should be more than 1:40
⑺.Once wearing for two years, examination should be carried on to the anti-electrostatic clothes. If the anti-electrostatic function can not agree with standard's request, then please do not use it as the anti-electrostatic clothes any more.
⑻.The anti-electrostatic workwear should be kept in dry and ventilated conditions.
⑼.Produce permit number:  AQXK-120043    XK20-301-00230