Development of flame retardant fabrics market in China is big

China must be resolved and the popularity of certain fire-retardant materials in public places. Before many people had called upon States to enact legislation requiring mandatory use of flame-retardant materials in public places to prevent fire threat to people's life and property safety. The past two years, national regulations have been issued, but the effect is greatly reduced. Most of our awareness is weak to fire, high temperature welding on the construction workers in the building, flames spilled from time to time a scary scene, which should be used in exterior wall insulation made of flame-retardant materials, all flammable materials, fire danger at any time. Some people believe that caused a flame retardant fibers and textiles are not popular mainly due to price factors. Flame retardant fiber prices are more expensive than ordinary fiber 40%, some hotels and places of entertainment in order to reduce costs, do not want to purchase and use of fire-retardant fabrics and even useful to cope with the security checks on the temporary spray flame retardant curtains and things happen. So overall, lax supervision and illegal fouls
This too low is the problem. In some places try fire-retardant materials, trying to cope with various types of inspections at the same time, the production of flame retardant products companies in open markets for products and a lot of worry. Since the above flame retardant products in China, and foreign
For it. Therefore, many companies choose to trade, the production of flame retardant products than for export sales.