Flame retardant fabric development potential

Enter in 2015, the textile industry under the influence of macroeconomic weakness, slowing trend more evident, industry is still in a period of slow shifting the depth adjustment. But the majority of textile enterprises are not complaining, constantly through their own adjustment, gradually adapting to the new normal. Textile industry in first 8 months of this year a number of performance indicators growth steady, growth in the manufacturing industry in the forefront, reflects the growing ability to adapt in a new normal.
Flame retardant fabric innovations are essential conditions for the development of this industry, fire-retardant fabric innovation is first to implement "green manufacturing", followed by fabric fiber components of reorganization and development. Ignore existing products, development of new fabrics, explore unknown areas, are fire-retardant fabric enterprise success; repeated review of existing products, improved it, active or passive, is not acceptable. Many different kinds of new products developed in recent years, more successful and to market the FRECOTEX eco-flame retardant fabrics are new independent research and development of flame retardant fabrics series brand. The fabric embodies the theme of ecological and environmental protection, in line with today's trends. Meet European environmental standards in the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the formaldehyde content ≤ 20ppm, with high strength, high exposure, high environmental protection and so on.