Flame retardant fabric high temperature resistance are important

With the strengthening of people-oriented security awareness, fire-retardant fabric or high temperature resistant flame retardant protective clothing made of flame retardant fabric is widely used in labour protection under high temperature conditions. Developed countries attached great importance to research and development of flame retardant fabrics, has made great progress in high performance flame retardant fiber technology, also with regard to textile flammability standards and testing technology tends to be perfect and mature, and there will be a gap in these two, so it is necessary to vigorously study.
ARC protective clothing has the function of flame-resistant, heat-resistant, antistatic, not washing leads to failure or deterioration.
ARC protective clothing when exposed to flame or arc when hot, bullet-proof fiber high strength low extension automatically within the rapidly expanding, so that the fabric thickness and high density, forming a protective barrier to the human body. ARC protective clothing protective effect of heat resistance, flame retardant, no combustion, no melting and h-class electrical insulation, permanent fire protection, insulation and so on. In the arc when the explosion occurred, this high-tech material will quickly swell, carbonized so that arc protective clothing fabric density to increase and thicken rapidly form a protective, which makes human skin contact with ARC thermal damage to a minimum.