Flame retardant fabric quality yield

The last two years, the textile industry economic development situation is more serious, fire-retardant fabric industry also had an impact, in particular economic conditions in Europe, and the European flame retardant fabric and flame retardant clothing orders have declined compared with the previous year. As we all know, China is the world's largest producer and exporter of textiles and clothing, but in recent years the increase in labor costs, and the status of China's textile industry is being shaken. So now our advantages in flame retardant fabric in the industry is not to rely on price to win.

Special textile product details control the flame retardant fabric, each link of the product tests, checks. Responsible for the product, the customer is responsible for, and responsible for the enterprise. Changes in the global market, and to make adjustments in a timely manner. One is to enhance their core competitiveness, the price advantage for now is not to our advantage, improve yourself, improve their skills, improving the quality of products is the point. Second, grasp of the market demand, what kind of clients what products are needed, only for market and customer analysis Indeed, in order to cater to the market. Flame retardant cloth to ensure that in the end the quality of products, the customer is responsible for, is responsible for security, enterprise development and growth can be achieved.