How To Choose Flame Retardant Clothing Fabrics

How to choose Flame Retardant Clothing fabrics
Flame-retardant clothing is one of the most widely used varieties of individual protective equipment. After exposure to flames and hot objects, flame-retardant clothing can prevent itself from igniting, burning or smoldering, and protecting workers from Fire or heat damage. Therefore, the performance of Weifang Jiangyan Flame Retardant Clothing is essential, especially the comfort, flame retardant, in case of fire shrinkage, only these three indicators meet the requirements in order to better play a protective role.

At present, the market of flame retardant protective clothing used in a wide range of fabrics, there are flame-retardant cotton, modified flame-retardant polyester, aramid series (such as aromatic sulfonamide, nitrocellulose), but both comfort, In case of fire shrinkage of high-quality flame-retardant fabric, there is almost no. Because any kind of fiber is not perfect, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Cotton flame retardant fabric, although the comfort is good, but the strength is low, low temperature, 180 ℃ on the carbonization; aromatic sulfonamide, nitrile chlorinated, meta-aramid fiber, heat shrinkage, and this type of fiber hygroscopic small , Poor comfort; para-aramid high temperature, heat shrinkage small, but poor comfort; PBO (poly-p-phenylene benzobisoxazole) fiber does not shrink in the fire, but there is no domestic, expensive As the polymer fiber hygroscopicity is small, wearing comfort is also poor.

Flame retardant protective clothing comfort, flame retardant, high temperature shrinkage is equally important, flame retardant fabric only put these three functions in one, in order to provide better protection for the wearer. In order to meet the requirements of fire-retardant clothing on these three properties, China has developed a cellulose flame retardant fiber as the substrate to the para-aramid for the skeleton of the blend of aramid blended flame retardant fabric, taking into account the resistance Burning fabric fabric comfort, flame resistance and heat shrinkability.

No matter what kind of material used in the fabric, Flame Retardant Clothing flame retardant performance must meet GB8965.1-2009 "protective clothing flame retardant protection Part 1: fire-retardant clothing" requirements, in the event of a fire, Play a protective role.