Analysis Of The Three Characteristics Of Safety Clothing

Analysis of the three characteristics of Safety Clothing

Safety Clothing is the history of the gloves, there is no material can be divided into, so long as the opponent can protect our general Safety Clothing, Safety Clothing manufacturer introduces security for everybody below three properties of clothing.

Firstly, functional and Safety Clothing can be selected according to the company's situation. The selected fabrics such as construction company should be selected for wear resistant fabrics. Electronic company, should choose antistatic fabrics.

Second occupational Safety Clothing design principle is first have a clear pertinence, for different industries, the same industry different enterprise, different positions on the same enterprise, the same post different identity, gender and so on. Specific design differences can be summarized why people wear, wear time, wear the place.

Third Safety Clothing economy, apart from a few expensive Safety Clothing, such as specific etiquette service, special clothing, most of the demands of its, has reasonable price than can, chooses the fabrics and design class, namely design complexity, the difficulty of the production process, etc, comprehensive compared.

At present, Safety Clothing is a lot of more phyletic, the appearance of Safety Clothing, style, material, color variety, and little difference, so because of different material, process of the price is also different.

Color fixed price: the color of recycled cotton yarn now generally has 3 kinds, have this white color, bleaching color, color yarn. The original cotton yarn used in gloves has polyester yarn and pure cotton yarn. The yarn is usually white because of the chemical fiber, and the more fiber the yarn has, the more white the yarn is. Pure cotton yarn is usually white on gloves.

Cotton sizing price: the higher the price of cotton gloves, the higher the price of gloves. At present, 100% cotton gloves are usually used for hand protection temperature and anti-static work. Density to price, there is generally 7 needles and 10 sales market, the price is on the high side 7 to 10 needle, as a result of 10 on the glove specification same production efficiency is lower than 7 needles, so the price is relatively high, but trading generally to ignore it.

Many of the rural migrant workers think that working in the city, as long as they earn the money, is not familiar with the employer's obligations. Yongxing labor protection is a reminder that migrant workers must wear and use labor protection equipment in the workplace.

Ii. The role of Safety Clothing supplies

Labor protection supplies for the workers to use, is to protect workers from the occupational hazards of the last line of defense. When labor health and safety technical measures cannot eliminate dangerous and harmful factors in the process of production labor, can not meet the national standards, industry standards and regulations, also temporarily unable to undertake technical reformation, the use of labor insurance supplies became both to complete production tasks, and a means to protect worker safety and health.

It is the main purpose of this a few: one is the isolation and shielding effect, make the body from harmful factors, such as labor protection articles well isolated from the outside world some of the stimulus, avoid skin dermatitis and other pathological reaction; Another is filtration and adsorption () function, with the help of protective equipment in some of the active group of the polymer itself, or porous material adsorption of poison, washing to purify the air, such as activated carbon adsorption on porous material such as detoxification.

Iii. How to use safe clothes

Use of labor insurance supplies should pay attention to have these points: first, choose protective equipment should be aimed at protection purpose, right choice conforms to the requirements of the products, can't choose wrong or will use, so as to avoid an accident. Secondly, we should take education and training seriously and fully understand the purpose and significance of using labor protection articles and use them correctly. For structures and use of more complex items such as respirators, repeated training should be performed. The respirator used for emergency relief shall be inspected regularly and properly stored near the place where the accident may occur. Once again, proper maintenance of protective equipment can not only prolong its use time, but also guarantee its protective effect. The earplugs, masks, masks and other use of soap, clean water, sterilize and air dry. Filter respirators are regularly replaced to prevent failure. The prevention of skin pollution should be cleaned after treatment. Finally, the protective equipment should be managed and maintained to ensure its full play.