Anti - Static Clothing Instructions

Anti-static Clothing Anti-static clothing use anti-static clothing for the special labor protective clothing, is to eliminate the static electricity generated by the human body for our products to provide a safe production environment for electronic, chip, optical, aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical, etc.

  Select anti-static clothing should be in accordance with GB12012-2009 specifications of the standard, choose a special labor protection supplies production license, anti-static clothing test report manufacturer.

  Instructions and precautions:

  1, Anti-static Clothing anti-static clothing buttons, zippers, hooks, trip and other accessories, preferably plastic, nylon and other non-metallic materials. If the work clothes used in the production of metal accessories, should try to wear, to ensure that wear and engage in a variety of activities, metal accessories are not exposed.

  2, look at the back of the uniforms, pockets, stickers, reinforcing cloth, etc., the best use of anti-static fabric production; the use of other materials, the exposed area should be less than all the anti-static clothing exposed area of 20% or less.

  3, for cold and warm or other special requirements of the production of cotton, full lining of overalls, the cotton sets, the whole lining should be removable.

  4, view anti-static fabric, for the same type of conductive fiber, add the higher the density, the anti-static performance corresponding to the better.

  Packaging and storage

  1, in the transport should be noted that anti-static clothing must be covered above, not damaged packaging, to prevent sun exposure and high temperature; handling process is strictly prohibited by hand hook drag

  2, anti-static clothing should be stored in a dry ventilated warehouse, to prevent rotten rotten. Storage, leaving the ground and the wall more than 200mm, leaving a heating body more than 1m. Should avoid direct sunlight, is strictly prohibited open to place.

  3, anti-static wool fabric packaging, storage should be added to the amount of mothproof agent.


  1, anti-static clothing is best to use a neutral detergent cleaning, washing, do not wash with other clothing, washing with hand washing or washing machine procedures to avoid conductive fiber fracture. Wash the water temperature should be below 40 ℃, rinse with water at room temperature. The washing time is as short as possible, but must be rinsed thoroughly to remove residual detergent. Both anti-static, anti-oil properties of anti-static clothing, do not use bleach, organic solvent decontamination.

  Wearing precautions Antistatic clothing must be equipped with GB4385 anti-static shoes to wear

  1, prohibit the addition of anti-static clothing or wear any metal objects. Should be carried with the tools should have anti-static, anti-spark function; metal tools should be placed in anti-static clothing belt, prohibit the exposed metal parts.

  2, prohibited in the flammable and explosive places wearing anti-static clothing.

  3, in a strong electromagnetic environment or near the high-pressure bare wire area, can not wear anti-static clothing

  Service life

  1, Anti-static Clothing anti-static clothing damage, suture off, mildew, conductive fiber off, or has reached the anti-static level of the provisions of the washing time, should be timely scrapped. The use of units should be used to meet the use of half of the period or storage period of 1 year of anti-static clothing sampling inspection, the detection of loss of anti-static properties of the product should be timely and timely scrapped to ensure the use of qualified products.