Buy Autumn And Winter Safety Clothing To Pay Attention To Matters

Buy autumn and winter Safety Clothing to pay attention to matters
A blink of an eye in the summer there have been more than half, which also means that the gradual arrival of the fall, the danger of static increase slowly, so many companies have to buy autumn and winter Safety Clothing. Then the purchase of autumn and winter wear Safety Clothing which try to pay attention to it? Then we slowly say to you, hope can also provide some help.
First, the fabric, Safety Clothing fabric and ordinary clothes are not the same, you should choose to choose clean, clean, but also to have a certain comfort, the most important thing is to ensure that the anti-static function, so anti-static polyester and cotton fabric is the best Safety Clothing The choice, although the price is relatively high, but the use of a long time and high comfort, cost is also very high.
 Second, the safety of clothing must be detected by a third party anti-static, anti-static performance must be compliance.
 Third, the choice of safe clothing as much as possible do not choose too many pockets, because the pocket is easy to accumulate dust, create a static environment for the environment. It is also worth noting that if the Safety Clothing to use the lining, the exposed area can not exceed the overall 20 percent.
I think we can all feel the environment for our importance. Good living and working environment, will make the whole day a lot of good mood. Safety Clothing is a good dust-proof products, it is widely used in dust-free workshop, by the workshop friends sure.
 Safety Clothing fabric is the use of special polyester filament fiber and woven wire woven, so that each part of the electrostatic model for the immune. In the maintenance of safe clothing when the best use of neutral washing liquid for cleaning, hand washing is the best way to wash, so as to avoid the conductive fiber break, reducing the safety of anti-static clothing effect. Safety Clothing with insulation, anti-oil function, the application of food processing in the dust-free workshop is also a good choice.
Be sure to note that if the Safety Clothing appears stains, can not be used with bleach powder, choose warm water for washing is the most appropriate water temperature. When cleaning with a solution, the time should be as short as possible, and then rinse with plenty of water to ensure that there will not be a lot of Safety Clothing stains, so that Safety Clothing to achieve better results.
 Safety Clothing surface is smooth and soft, this fabric for the dust-free workshop can prevent the clothes within the plush pollution workshop situation, to maximize the maintenance of the workshop clean and tidy, to ensure that our products produced truly clean The
In the dust-free workshop to use Safety Clothing, not only can improve product quality, for the dust-free workshop staff, is also very favorable. Improve the staff's working environment, driving their enthusiasm for the work, for your factory can create greater benefits.
In the electronics, photovoltaic power plant employees will wear Safety Clothing, do not understand the Safety Clothing will feel very troublesome, wearing a feeling uncomfortable, many people will be puzzled, safe clothing on the body harm it?
 The main function is to prevent the human body from the anti-static damage to the product; to prevent our clothes on the clothes, Of the dust, hair stick to our products, so the safety of clothing on the human body without any harm!
The staff feel the workplace to wear Safety Clothing is very troublesome, this is normal, especially hooded Siamese security clothing, but in order to prevent static electricity and dust damage to the product, you must wear Safety Clothing and then into the production workshop, wearing feel uncomfortable Because some manufacturers produce Safety Clothing loose fit, the number of yards to choose the wrong size, poor fabric permeability, so the choice of Safety Clothing manufacturers, safe clothing code number is also very important.