Decided To Anti-static Safety Clothing Level Of The Two Major Factors

Many business procurement staff may not understand the anti-static Safety Clothing, do not know how to judge an anti-static Safety Clothing is good or bad, whether to meet their own business standards. And now the market of anti-static security clothing, such as cattle, the quality of uneven, too cheap for the poor quality, expensive I do not know whether there is the case of fish. Today we discuss the level of anti-static security clothing from the perspective of how to judge the safety of anti-static clothing.
We all know that the dust-free workshop is graded: ten, hundred, thousand, million, one hundred thousand. It is understood that most of the domestic enterprises in the clean room are thousands, 10,000, or even 100,000.
Clean anti-static Safety Clothing is the same, what level of clean room on the need to be equipped with what level of anti-static Safety Clothing. If the level of anti-static Safety Clothing is not enough, like the dirty things into the water, change the whole environment; if the anti-static Safety Clothing level is better than the level of dust-free workshop, anti-static Safety Clothing level will be used The process is reduced. So if you buy a thousand anti-static security clothing for the 10,000-class clean room, the test results will be million, this is not the supplier's pot ah!
So what will affect the level of anti-static Safety Clothing? There are two main points, fabric and style.
Fabric anti-static (dust-free) performance from poor to excellent is: cotton, polyester, nylon.
Style anti-static (dust-free) performance from poor to excellent is: anti-static coat, anti-static security clothing, anti-static Siamese security clothing.
But because of the nylon material easy to hot sweating, anti-static Safety Clothing is usually made of polyester weaving.
When we introduce anti-static Safety Clothing, we will emphasize that our conductive cloth is made of polyester filament and wire fibers, so why use polyester fabric, rather than cotton or other materials?
This is because the anti-static work Safety Clothing is usually used in clean clean room, the environment for the clean requirements are high, and our daily Safety Clothing decorated with cotton, linen and other materials, the ability to absorb dust are Strong, itself is also prone to dander, become dust, so it is absolutely not used in the clean room.
Why do not use more dust-free performance of nylon material production of dust-free security clothing? Nylon has its advantages, but it also has more unavoidable problems. One is the high cost; second, is the nylon airtight. Even if you do not care about the cost, nylon is not suitable for manufacturing work as a safe clothing materials, because of its airtight lead to easy hot stuffy sweat, very uncomfortable.
Therefore, anti-static Safety Clothing are almost all made of polyester filament fabric made of.
Anti-static Safety Clothing as a special work Safety Clothing, can not use the general cleaning method to clean, otherwise it will destroy its anti-static performance and cleanliness.
So what is the anti-static Safety Clothing cleaning steps?
First, you need to prepare a clean clean room. If the anti-static Safety Clothing is to be used for the production of thousands of workshops, and that clean anti-static Safety Clothing clean room is at least a thousand, or even hundred.
Second, special cleaning equipment and drying equipment are required.
Then is the detergent. Detergent of course, we can not use our usual washing powder, washing liquid, but to use PH neutral solvent and pure water, so as to ensure the full range of anti-static Safety Clothing cleanliness and anti-static performance is not destroyed.
Finally, when cleaning the water temperature, Safety Clothing the proportion of detergent to reconcile, and so have a certain requirement.