Details Determine The Anti-static Effect Of Anti-static Clothing

Details determine the anti-static effect of Anti-static Clothing
Electronics factory workers are wearing Anti-static Clothing, but users often overlook some small details, and affect the effectiveness of Anti-static Clothing. For example, workers are not used to Anti-static Clothing zipper pull or button buckle, so anti-static effect is not reach, will have an impact on the quality of the production of products. Anti-static Clothing quality even better, but when wearing Anti-static Clothing need to pay attention to some small details, so as to really achieve its anti-static effect.
1, when wearing Anti-static Clothing, your dress must be anti-static fabric, or conductive material will be directly to the static electricity to your body.
2, the purchase of Anti-static Clothing, must be based on the operating environment of the operator requirements, as well as the degree of static sensitivity of processed products to choose, otherwise it will not be able to achieve the desired results.
3, Anti-static Clothing cleaning must pay attention, not like cleaning ordinary clothes the same. The easiest way is to find a professional cleaning and cleaning manufacturers to enter the cleaning, to ensure that the Anti-static Clothing life.
4, in the Anti-static Clothing to wear metal items is a very dangerous thing, which is explicitly prohibited. Also in the work environment must remember to wear before the work clothes, buttons must also buckle, so that it will not affect the effect of work clothes to play it.
The role of Anti-static Clothing is very large, electronics factory, medicine, aviation industry is indispensable, as long as you follow the above points to use, then it will play an infinite role.
When Steve Jobs's father changed our world, electronics factory ushered in new business opportunities, more refined processing of production also means that the defense of the static to do more carefully. But we wear clothes between the friction and so will cause the generation of static electricity, this is no way to put an end to it. So many electronics factories will choose to use Anti-static Clothing. Today to explain the Anti-static Clothing on the electronics factory processing security is how to do the role of escort.
There is two electrostatic discharge channels for the operator of the electronics factory; one is the discharge between the fingertip and the ground conductor, and the other is the discharge between the garment and the ground conductor, both of which are capable of forming an electrostatic sensitive device Damage, anti-static wrist strap can eliminate the first discharge risk, but can not eliminate the second discharge risk. So wear Anti-static Clothing is very important.
  Usually that wear cotton factory clothes can be used as Anti-static Clothing to reduce the accumulation of static electricity, practice has proved that this concept is one-sided. Cotton fabric charge even higher than some chemical fiber fabric, so in the dry climate areas, can not hope to use cotton fabric factory clothing to eliminate static damage, should choose a regular Anti-static Clothing.
Anti-static Clothing is currently widely used anti-static dust-resistant fabric (commonly known as conductive silk), the use of special polyester filament and high-performance permanent conductive fiber (Japan Textile or Japan Kuraray produced) by a special process made of, Anti-static dust-proof function, can effectively release the body electrostatic charge.
 Anti-static Clothing can prevent 65% of the clean room static electricity generated, is a good helper for enterprise processing security. Anti-static Clothing is divided into split and Siamese two forms, used in different industries, also has a good anti-static function. Of course, Anti-static Clothing is divided into good quality and bad, the deciding factor is the conductive fiber.