Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing When Using The Precautions

Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing when using the precautions
1, where the normal circumstances, the explosive gas mixture of continuous, short time frequently appear or long time the occasion and the explosive gas mixture may present the occasion, the minimum ignition energy of combustible material below 0.25 mJ, Should wear Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing.
2, to stop in the flammable and explosive occasions wear off Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing.
3, to prevent the Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing attached to or wear any metal objects.
4, wear Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing, but also with anti-static shoes, while the ground should also be anti-static floor and grounding system.
5, Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing should adhere to clean, adhere to anti-static performance, use soft brush, soft cloth dipped in a neutral detergent to wash, can not damage the service fiber.
6, Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing is best to use a neutral detergent cleaning, washing, do not wash with other clothing, the use of hand washing or washing machine soft wash procedures to avoid conductive fiber fracture.
7, wear a period of time, the Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing should be tested, if the electrostatic performance does not meet the standard requirements, you can no longer use Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing.
8, prohibited in the fire and dangerous places to wear, remove Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing.
9. Do not attach or wear metal objects on Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing worn by fire and explosion.
10, the outer clothing should be completely covered in the inner clothing. Split shirt should be enough to cover the waist, bending should not reveal waistband.
11, in the fire and dangerous places to wear Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing must be related to the provisions of the national standard clock anti-static shoes to wear.
12, Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing should be kept clean, to maintain anti-static performance. After use with a soft brush, soft cloth dipped in a neutral detergent scrub, can not damage the clothing fiber.
Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing anti-static performance of a certain degree of durability, therefore, the choice of Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing also need to work according to the pollution of the workplace determined by the washing requirements, select the appropriate anti-static level of uniforms.
Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing for fire and explosion sites, it should usually choose to have both flame retardant Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing for workers to provide more reliable protection. Gas station operators and similar types of work using Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing, should also have anti-oil effect.
The overall cost of the overall garment is less than 0.6μC, especially after washing, because of the choice of detergent and so on, it is not necessary to achieve the effect of static electricity, but not necessarily to meet the Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing required single-piece clothing charged charge less than 0.6μC requirements, To prevent the effect of static electricity will be reduced, therefore, in the selection of cotton fabric production of Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing, especially in the northern dry areas, we must be careful.
(1) clothing clothes buttons, zippers, hooks, trip and other accessories, preferably plastic, nylon and other non-metallic materials. If the work clothes used in the production of metal accessories, should try to wear, to ensure that wear and engage in a variety of activities, metal accessories are not exposed.
(2) look at the back of the overalls, pockets, stickers, reinforcing cloth, etc., it is best to use the same anti-static fabric production; made of other materials, the exposed area should be less than all Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing exposed area of less than 20%.
(3) for cold or warm or other special requirements of the production of cotton, full lining work clothes, the cotton sets, the whole lining should be removable.
(4) View anti-static fabric, for the same type of conductive fiber, add the higher the density, the anti-static performance corresponding to the better.