Flame Retardant Cotton Fabrics Sold Throughout The Americas Market

Flame retardant cotton fabric ratio of General 88% high quality cotton and 12% of elastic nylon. This high quality cotton and once joined, the fabric feels soft as a whole lot. Special nylon fabric high strength, high after a strong performance in washed 100 times, fire-retardant performance is still good. Fabric join special nylon fibers, strength can improve 15%. Tensile strength ≥ 600; tearing strength ≥ 27; durable wear. The perfect ratio of the two materials make cotton flame retardant fabrics popular in the American market.
This material is mainly used for oil, gas, chemical industry and so on, fire, welders, power industry, exploration, mining, petrochemical workers ' flame resistant protective clothing. This protective clothing made from fabrics in addition has excellent flame retardant properties, can effectively prevent the sparks and splashes of molten droplets, the ATPV value higher, better thermal protection performance, is the selection of a higher-end in flame retardant fabric.