Flame Retardant Fabric Has Been Applied To Each Industrial Area

With the enhancement of safety and prevention awareness, fire-retardant fabric in all major areas of the more widely used. Flame retardant fabric is a direct contact with flame or hot objects, can prevent or slow the spread of flame, carbide flame retardant insulation protects the fabric of the human body from harm. Under normal circumstances, except other than natural flame retardant fabrics such as aramid fiber, molike, most later added flame retardant flame retardant fabrics are made of ordinary fabric and processed. So what are the applications of flame retardant fabrics?
More flame retardant cloth applied to the areas of special protection, such as flame retardant overalls, flame retardant wig, flame retardant gloves, flame retardant protective clothing is very important personal protective standards, are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, fire, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other places where open flames, sparks and flammable substances, and are in great demand. Now outside of curtain fabric, car covers, carpet, wallpaper, upholstery textiles, bedding materials are flame retardant finish. Study of flame retardant fabric in China before work is in the development phase, less successful, however, with the rapid development of China's economy, the high flame retardant decoration of hotel growing demand, aircraft with a flame retardant nylon carpet; fire protection, metallurgy, and other special industries also increased the demand for flame retardant heat resistant protective clothing. Along with the flame retardancy regulations establish and improve and strictly enforce, must be increased demand for flame retardant fabric. There are already a lot of customer advisory decoration with flame-retardant fabric purchasing.