Flame Retardant Fabric In A Greener Direction

With the development of society, more and more high-rise buildings, hotels and other places, however, concerns about emergency systems can't stop in "fire", but to prevent it. Such as high-rise fire, the difficulty is very high, if such a place can be equipped with a fire blanket, escape ropes, or apply flame retardant textiles will win precious time for rescue and self-rescue if only small fires, cover a fire blanket and perhaps avoided a fire. With the development of flame retardant fabric and its products in recent years, developed a number of new fire-retardant fabric products, replacing the traditional flame-resistant fabrics, fire-retardant textiles. And is also widely used in various fields, are closely related to people's daily lives. The future development trend of flame retardant fabric a compound, and more eco-friendly direction.
Environmental flame retardant cloth currently main products is fiber flame retardant, not through Hou finishing processing produced flame retardant function, itself on with flame retardant performance, like Fong LUN flame retardant fabric used of is Fong LUN fiber made, aromatic family polyamide fiber, to its light, and flame retardant, and resistance temperature, and high strength, and insulation, and anti-radiation, and high strength, and high modulus, excellent characteristics, became related Defense Security and economy of important strategic, is military equipment, and police flame retardant protection and the bulletproof equipment and national backbone equipment manufacturing of key material, Also can be widely used in the energy, transport, chemical, electronics, construction industry, security protection, filtering, structure, environmental protection and electrical insulation. All developed countries in the world attach great importance to research and industrial development of aramid.