Flame Retardant Fabric Production Enterprises To Continue Reforms To Keep Up With Industry Developments

Functional fabrics has developed rapidly in recent years. Various countries have put forward a lot of flame retardants legislation to provide special workers must wear appropriate for work in fire-retardant equipment. This provides strong support for development of flame retardant fabrics. Flame retardant fabric exports have steadily increased every year, and not because of the downturn in the European economy and be much of an impact. But the flame-retardant fabric industry requires constant technological change and product upgrade in order to meet customer demand for high quality.
Flame-retardant fabric industry has to carry out large-scale technological transformation, phasing stability of high energy consumption water consumption, poor equipment, and actively develop energy-saving, water conservation, energy, environmental protection equipment. Enterprises should adhere to "the independent innovation of the enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, combining the technology road", always carry out the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction in the company's development process. Development of flame retardant fabric innovation, in addition to considering fire-retardant properties, should also be considered traditional textile properties such as dyeing, feel. Comfort must be the manufacturer taking into account factors, raising people's living standard has improved quality of life.