Flame Retardant Fabric Quality Inspection

Flame retardant fabric quality is particularly important to choose high quality professional manufacturers of fire-retardant fabric production flame retardant overalls at purchase, fire-retardant fabric prices and quality can vary, the main reason is the fabric choices and production process of flame retardant fabrics require different, countries will have different testing standards and requirements to test the fabrics. So, how to detect flame retardant fabric quality?
Flame retardant testing method for principle of flame retardant fabrics, of different equipment and diversified. Comparison between test results of various testing methods, experimental results only in a certain part of sample combustion performance is good or bad. Combustion test methods used to test the combustion of the sample width (area and damage length carbide), continued burning and smoldering times. So Europe has a corresponding test standard, standard has detailed regulations, when customers buy flame retardant fabrics, satisfy the conditions of flammability standards of determining the fabric quality is.
Professional manufacturers of fire-retardant fabrics are flame retardant fabrics must have a certificate of inspection bodies and fabrics. Only certificates issued by professional organizations to describe the production of flame retardant fabrics meet the standards of European and American customers.