Flame Retardant Fabric Rapid Application Development

China started very early for flame retardant product development and production, but the application is not particularly extensive. : First public awareness of this is not enough, knew little of flame retardant products, awareness of their own protection were not clear, resulting in flame retardant products and costumes are used in the field of professional tools, it is difficult to promote civilian use. Second, price, compared to civilian areas, both professional tooling and in the military field, the demand for flame retardant products are relatively small, coupled with flame retardant product prices are slightly higher, over the years, prices have been at relatively high, not to promote open. Three is not to improve the laws and regulations or mandatory standards, for some use of flame retardant products in public places are not binding.
With the development of society, more and more high-rise buildings, hotels and other places, however, concerns about emergency systems can't stop in "fire", but to prevent it. Such as high-rise fire, the difficulty is very high, if such a place can be equipped with a fire blanket, escape ropes, or apply flame retardant textiles will win precious time for rescue and self-rescue if only small fires, cover a fire blanket and perhaps avoided a fire. With the development of flame retardant fabric and its products in recent years, developed a number of new fire-retardant fabric products, replacing the traditional flame-resistant fabrics, fire-retardant textiles. And is also widely used in various fields, are closely related to people's daily lives.