Flame Retardant Working Clothes Fabric Type

Flame retardant fabric is widely used in public places of decorative fabrics, such as hotel Theatre fire retardant curtains, curtains, carpets, and so on. There are goods in the rail, shipping, car transport, ports, terminals and warehouses with tarpaulin and cover structure roof; of course, the important costume with a cloth. Flame retardant overalls application areas including metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, forestry, fire, electricity, coal, construction and light industry. With the production of flame retardant overalls, need to ensure product quality and develop new products, textile flame retardant standards for amount and type will increase rapidly.
Anti-static clothing by electric spark triggered explosions lit can be preventative, and fire-retardant treated cotton or polyester clothing has some protective effect on deflagration. Common flame retardant Workwear is used after finishing of cotton flame-retardant fabric. CP finishing fire retardant fabrics environmental protection, wash-resistant and strong, washable up to more than 50 times. Excellent flame retardant performance, CP processing and finishing of the fabric has good air permeability and moisture performance of innocuity, comfortable, fire-retardant performance in line with standards such as GB8965-98/2009 and the European standard EN ISO11611, EN ISO11612.