How The Color Of Fabric Is Formed

With the development of modern science and technology, dyeing technology develops very fast, which can be said to be changing with each passing day. It has greatly enriched our fashion products. The emergence of more and more novel products also proves the progress of dyeing technology and the development of dyeing industry.

In this lesson, I will explain the basic knowledge of dyeing for you. I will also explain to you the real situation of dyeing factories. If you encounter related problems in the future, you will not be stumped.

We can also use some modern means to know how many turns the fabric will turn in a minute and how fast it will rotate. One way is to tie magnetic strips on the fabric. When the fabric rotates, there will be equipment in the advanced dyeing machine that can detect the speed of the fabric. We call this "single cycle time".

The upper right corner is the dyeing equipment. The picture shows the dyed green yarns. Everyone should pay attention to dyeing yarn is to dye yarn before weaving; and dyeing is to weave cloth before dyeing. These are two different technological routes.

The machine in the lower right corner should be familiar to everyone. It's a dryer. The dyed fabrics are put in, dried and then dried before the dyeing process is completed.

Generally speaking, a dyeing plant mainly needs the following aspects of preparation.

Hardware facilities must have

Mainly includes plant (machinery, dyestuff, blank cloth, assistant and other equipment), dyeing cylinder, material room and chemical equipment, dyeing equipment, laboratory proofing equipment, dehydration equipment, drying equipment and so on.

Laboratory is a very important department of dyeing factory, where the sample is taken. All dyes need to be sampled before they are in bulk.