How To Find High Quality Flame Retardant Clothing?

How to find high quality Flame Retardant Clothing?
Identification of a common casual wear, we best judge the standard, that is, first find the brand, a brand of clothes, whether from the quality or every little detail, will be very good. And for a Flame Retardant Clothing, we must first understand its characteristics, and then can effectively use it, so that he really guarantee the product from the static hazards, but also can effectively ensure personal safety.
 Flame Retardant Clothing It is a kind of special clothing, in the purchase, first look at whether the fabric is anti-static fabric fabric. Some of the price is very cheap Flame Retardant Clothing is actually a one-time, because it is treated with anti-static liquid, so when the purchase of static parameters is qualified, once cleaned, anti-static liquid will be washed off, Which also lost the anti-static performance, parameters on the long failed. Some buyers can not understand this, after cleaning several times still wear, there is no timely detection, resulting in the production of products there are many problems, but the quality of customs.
Followed by Flame Retardant Clothing accessories, do not underestimate these accessories, Flame Retardant Clothing quality depends on them. The key is the button, zipper, hook, trip and other accessories is best of plastic or nylon and other non-metallic materials. Look at the back of the overalls, pocket, stickers, reinforcement cloth, etc., it is best to use anti-static fabric fabric production. In the purchase must check the details of the problem.
 Our company produces anti-static clean clothes, mainly used for electronics, biotechnology, medical, aviation, oil and other industries, to avoid static interference and to keep clean room clean. If pregnant mothers need to buy radiation suits, be sure to be careful.
Since it comes to this problem, we will talk about the difference between Flame Retardant Clothing and radiation suit it.
Radiation protection is used to shield electromagnetic radiation, and its main production materials are metal fibers and textile fibers, generally civilian, the main audience is pregnant women. Radiation protection clothing fabrics are often soft and comfortable, washable and wearable.
Flame Retardant Clothing is made of anti-static fabric, generally as a uniform, that is, Flame Retardant Clothing, mainly by people and ground contact, the human body is static and neutral, and through the conductive fabric to the earth release; When not grounded by means of conductive fiber weak corona discharge and power. Currently on the market of many Flame Retardant Clothing, materials, technical level is very different, anti-static effect and continuous anti-static effect, beautiful, comfortable and so very different, so be sure to carefully selected.
 In addition to the country for the use of Flame Retardant Clothing standards, the actual life, there are appearance requirements of Flame Retardant Clothing, but even if contaminated or damaged, it will not affect the performance of Flame Retardant Clothing.
In addition, the structure of Flame Retardant Clothing style is also very important. For this, there are the following four requirements:
1, Flame Retardant Clothing structure is safe and reasonable. Conducive to normal physiological requirements and health, does not affect the physical activity when the job.
2, Flame Retardant Clothing style simple. In line with modern operation, only a reasonable operation to enhance its applicability.
3, Flame Retardant Clothing sewing lines straight, tidy, solid, elastic appropriate.
4, the appearance of simple and generous, does not affect the corporate image.
In general, the fabric of Flame Retardant Clothing will use conductive fibers. And the conductive fiber is carbonized or doped, so that carbon black and fiber material fusion, to give fiber conductivity. Polyester fabric is relatively easy to static, then you can add conductive fibers to make the fabric conductive, and thus scattered people on the static