It Is Important To Choose A Fabric When Making Safety Clothing

It is important to choose a fabric when making Safety Clothing
Now Safety Clothing is almost a household name, we are in the purchase of Safety Clothing will be very careful comparison and selection, then how can we test the production of Safety Clothing used in the fabric of good and bad it? The following methods can help you.
If we are qualified, it is recommended to measure some of the more accurate data. For example, to see the fabric of the latitude and longitude density, the general density of relatively large relative is better. There is a way to test with the tester, if the same resistance in the case, it is recommended that you can choose a relatively stable resistance, so that it can guarantee its anti-static function.
Of course, if the resistance is relatively small, we can directly choose it. These are the basic principles of choice, I hope we can learn, through the above description, I believe we should know how to identify anti-static fabric, so that after the choice of anti-dust Safety Clothing will be a lot easier, but also let everyone The benefits of better maintenance.
Correct choice of Safety Clothing, it is necessary to consider the protective performance, but also consider the durability and comfort, to protect, durability and comfort to find a better balance between.
1, Safety Clothing protective effect. The protective function is a basic requirement for Safety Clothing, and the materials used to make Safety Clothing must be able to protect against the risk factors and the supplier should be able to provide relevant test reports.
2, the quality of Safety Clothing process. In addition to material properties (protective effect) itself, the quality of the process is equally important. To understand whether there are manufacturers or independent test institutions related to the test data to confirm the quality of the product and process quality is certified by the authority of the certification system.
3, Safety Clothing wearing comfort. A comfortable fit of the Safety Clothing for the protection of workers is necessary. Size does not fit may lead to protective clothing cracking, the user action blocked, feeling depressed, which will inevitably affect the work efficiency.
It is also worth noting that the choice of any anti-static products of course have to consider the price, but when the risk of health or extreme conditions endanger the safety of time, the price should not be considered the main factor. In general, only the Safety Clothing research, development, production and design process into a higher cost may be corresponding to achieve higher quality, because security is the cost of all! Therefore, this requires buyers to weigh the pros and cons, the price is higher than the value, or choose the value higher than the price.
We all know that the car after maintenance and maintenance can increase the service life and performance, eliminate security risks. And Safety Clothing is the same. Safety Clothing with the use of radioactive materials PU or PVC material production soles, soles with anti-static anti-skid materials, both sweat and deodorant, but also to achieve anti-skid, anti-static and other functions, and the upper one molding, and then on-line reinforcement, it can be static The human body to the earth, so as to eliminate the human body static, but also effectively inhibit the personnel in the clean room moving around the dust generated. So how to maintain and maintain Safety Clothing? Let Xiaobian to tell you:
1, regular safety shoes maintenance, cleaning, oil, keep the skin soft and moist.
2, after cleaning the Safety Clothing must not be able to quickly drying, away from the fire, avoid the use of heating or open flame drying, the formation of a simple safety shoes and open plastic.
3, pay attention to clean the way, not long-term soaking, soaking time shall not exceed 2 hours.