Low Carbon Flame Retardant Fabric Is The Development Trend

Current low-carbon is going into people's lives, green building, green computers, green cell phone ... ... From clothing, food, housing, transportation and all people need to "green" or "low carbon" has combined. In recent years, more and more people focus on green issues home textile products. Low-carbon economy with low energy consumption, low pollution, low emissions model based development, being fabric companies are paying more attention to low carbon new competitiveness is also an inevitable choice for fabric industry.
Company has been in controlling pollution and carbon emissions in the production process of flame retardant fabrics, with more green ways to produce more energy-efficient flame retardant fabric products, to cater to the current market trends, and low carbon into real action, not just a slogan. In terms of fabric dyeing and finishing, fire-retardant fabric industry more pigment dyeing steering reactive dyeing and printing, to ensure that products fitting low-carbon trend.