Protective Gloves And Protective Equipment Can Be Worn

Protective Gloves and protective equipment can be worn
At present, many types of Protective Gloves, Protective Gloves shape, style, material, color variety, and small differences, so because of different materials, the price of the process is also different.
Color Price: Now there are three kinds of recycled cotton yarn color, with the white color, bleached color, color yarn. Used in the glove of the original cotton yarn polyester yarn and pure cotton yarn, polyester yarn because of containing chemical fiber, so the color of the yarn is usually white, yarn with more chemical fiber yarn more white color. Pure cotton yarn on the glove color is usually the original white.
Cotton Set Price: Cotton Glove The higher the price of cotton relative to the production of gloves. Currently 100% of cotton gloves are usually used in low temperature operation hand protection temperature hot and anti-static operation. Density pricing, the current general 7-pin and 10-pin sales market, 10-pin price is high 7-pin, because the 10-pin in the same glove specifications on the production efficiency of less than 7-pin, so the price is relatively high, but the transaction Generally ignore it.
To prevent the Protective Gloves fade method:
1, salt water immersion method. Need raw materials: salt This move is best suited to deal with denim and color gloves fade problem, the effect of extreme spirit. Newly bought gloves In order to prevent fading, the first time before the first water into the first half of the bubble soak, and then in accordance with conventional methods of cleaning. If there is still a slight fade, then you can wash in each before the first with a clean salt soak for ten minutes, the long past the stick, gloves will not fade.
2, anti-dry method. This method is most commonly used, especially for some dark gloves is particularly effective. The method is very simple, that is, turn the gloves in turn. Here to remind you: most of the fabric gloves can not be directly exposed to the sun, because ultraviolet light is the culprit of gloves fade. So not only in turn to dry, conditional, then try to place a place to avoid the ventilation of the gloves to dry.
Protective Gloves and protective equipment can be worn. This is a misuse. Experts pointed out that Protective Gloves and protective equipment to eliminate or reduce the impact of occupational hazards on the health of workers, "Occupational Disease Prevention Law" provides that the employer must provide workers with the required protective equipment, while workers are obliged to wear protective equipment The
Protective Gloves is the history of the name of the gloves, no material can be divided, as long as the opponent can play a protective effect we collectively referred to as Protective Gloves, the following Protective Gloves manufacturers for you to briefly introduce the three characteristics of Protective Gloves.
The first is the functional, Protective Gloves can be based on their own company, selected models such as fabric, construction companies, should use wear-resistant fabric; electronics company, should use anti-static fabric.
The second professional, protective glove design principles are the first targeted, for different industries, the same industry different enterprises, the same business different positions, the same job different status, gender and so on. Targeted design differences to summarize why people wear, wear time, wear location.
The third Protective Gloves economy, in addition to a small number of expensive Protective Gloves, such as the specific ceremonial clothing, special clothing, the majority of its requirements with a reasonable price than the energy, that is, with the design of the selected fabric grade, style complexity, Production difficulty and so on.
For those who work outdoors, the proper use of Protective Gloves is necessary. Protective Gloves in our lives should be regarded as a common item, to our production and life has brought a lot of help, but the Protective Gloves manufacturers told us in the summer when we should pay attention to Protective Gloves sunscreen problem.
Sunscreen. Often in the sun exposure is not only on the surface will fade will greatly reduce the life of these items, not only we are afraid of ultraviolet radiation, for these Protective Gloves is also necessary for their sunscreen, usually after use They are placed in a cool place, do not put the sun exposure to the place, take these sun protection measures can be a very good to protect them, increase their life, let them give us to create greater economic benefits.
Cleaning. For white Protective Gloves, do not touch with items such as carbon inks that are difficult to clean. The Protective Gloves of this color are cleaned and coated with toothpaste, or white chalk powder. Pay attention to even dry, can prevent discoloration. Or to find two white clean paper covered in the above, after drying to tear up. Also anti-discoloration.