Protective Gloves Longevity Recipe

In fact, many people need to wear anti-static overalls of the Protective Gloves do not understand their own, so when wearing a lot of attention to the place, the last problem that is the quality of Protective Gloves. Some customers so called to blame the production plant, it can be really wronged!
In order to avoid suffering more injustice, Xiao Bian decided to talk about wearing Protective Gloves should pay attention to a few small details.
1, dress to wear a full set.
In addition to Protective Gloves, you have to wear anti-static shoes, even wear anti-static shoes, socks, insoles have to be conductive, any part of the problem, can not be static into the earth. In some anti-static requirements of the relatively high industry, but also need to wear anti-static cap, anti-static gloves, anti-static masks and so on.
2, the industry has its own merits.
Protective Gloves will generally be divided into anti-static coat, anti-static sub-service, anti-static Siamese clothes, and anti-static Siamese clothes are often divided into three-body, four Siamese, different models, the anti-static performance Also different. In addition, different fabrics Protective Gloves clean degree is different, and some anti-static is clean clothes, and some can not be used as clean clothes. Therefore, different industries on the anti-static requirements, the requirements of the cleanliness, are different, in the choice of Protective Gloves will naturally be different. So before the purchase, it is recommended to consult the first easy to meet the customer service, carefully selected for their own industry, anti-static clean clothes.
3, the correct cleaning.
Due to the special nature of Protective Gloves, ordinary cleaning methods will affect its structure, reduce anti-static performance, so cleaning gloves need to clean the cleaning company, such as Suzhou easy to pass, will be in the corresponding level of clean Workshop, with a special machine and cleaning solvent for your cleaning Protective Gloves.
4, dressed neatly.
Into the production workshop before, be sure to wear Protective Gloves, buttons buckle, wearing a sub-service when the waist fortress is good, who do not wear metal jewelry, but can not bring food into the dust-free workshop.
With the popularity of the Internet and the extensive use of a large number of enterprises through the search engine, you can easily and Protective Gloves manufacturers online exchange, consult the want to buy Protective Gloves style, fabric, price and so on. After all determined, you can go to the factory a kind of clothing. Why do you want to provide it?
First, to confirm the Protective Gloves style, fabric, accessories.
The color of the fabric is divided into many kinds, such as blue can be divided into: sky blue, light blue, dark blue, etc., through the proof of clothing, you can avoid the color of the network image caused by the return problem.
Second, to confirm the quality of Protective Gloves to meet customer requirements.
Now on the market to produce anti-static overalls of the manufacturers are numerous, Protective Gloves in the choice of materials, production technology, style design, management level has obvious differences. Direct contact with the sample, you can confirm whether the quality of all aspects of the product to achieve psychological expectations.
Third, the anti-static performance testing.
To ensure the stability and long-term stability of anti-static performance, Protective Gloves you can use a professional test equipment to test the protective glove-like anti-static performance, to avoid the procurement to cut corners of the anti-static products.