Protective Socks Fade Solution

Protective Socks fade solution
Protective Socks are widely used in life, the choice of styles and samples are more, for different purposes have different specifications, it has played an important role in our lives.
Protective Socks fade is often seen, socks manufacturers tell you how to solve:
A, for the sock just bought back, if the fear of fade, then, before cleaning, you can use salt water bubble, about half an hour almost. If you still continue to fade a little, you can in each cleaning, put a little salt, a long time, it will not fade.
B, daily life, people feel deeper is the jeans, especially the color of the most likely to fade, experienced aunt will be in the drying time against the sun, in fact, socks can also be so, after cleaning, in turn, drying , To avoid direct sun exposure, so it is not easy to fade.
C, for some cotton gloves, in order to prevent fade, you can add a little bit of daily life of vinegar, do not have to buy a good vinegar, but do not put too much, a little bubble for a while, so not only can prevent fade can also increase Glossy.
Protective Protective Socks, protective gloves Natural rubber gloves should not be used with acid, alkali, oil for a long time and should prevent sharp objects from puncturing. After the use of clean dry, gloves and sprinkle with talcum powder inside and outside, safe custody, in the custody of not pressure, heat.
Through the pure cotton clothes friends know that cotton fabric has a very uncomfortable feature is shrinking, which is a lot of people do not like to wear cotton clothes reasons. Similarly, the sock is also shrinking, when we first wash will find more than just bought when wearing more tight, which is the phenomenon of shrinking. That the sock shrinking this phenomenon we have no good way to prevent it?
Protective Socks generally shrinkage is 2% to 5%, but after special processing and washing is not shrinking, so the advance prevention is still necessary. Buy home socks to be properly maintained, only the correct maintenance of washing can prevent shrinking or reduce shrinkage. Its correct washing method is not with hot water, the water temperature should be controlled below 35 ℃, can not be a long time in the bubble in the detergent, can not use more than 120 ℃ temperature ironing, can not be exposed, can not be dried, the best Hand wash method. And in the drying, we should pay attention to the shade, the use of tiled or park stick drying rack for drying.
Protective Socks only take the correct washing method, I believe there will not be a big shrinkage, so we may wish to try this method, hope to help you, learn more gloves maintenance methods, please continue to pay attention to our website updates.
Protective Socks in the production process, there is a step is to cut the cut, the cut before the production of gloves can be carried out, so this step is also very important. In general, it has three ways to cut the cut, socks manufacturers for our brief introduction.
1, not edge, that is, cold cutting: the main cut by the electric scissors, such cutting method is easy to produce dander, and cutting can not be done after the clean, wipe the process will produce a lot of cloth on the edge, no clean Degree, generally not recommended.
2, laser cutting: instantaneous high temperature melting through the laser, the edge is better not produce fried dander phenomenon, cutting can do netting and cleaning and other clean treatment, so that the product to achieve a higher dust-free standards.
3, ultrasonic edge: the vibration generated by the ultrasonic vibration of the group to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, through the welding head to pass heat, and then squeeze through the cutting fabric, which cut the fabric. This edge is the most perfect way to cut the current one, the edge effect is good and not hard side.
Hosiery socks are more commonly used in the above three ways, these methods should also pay attention to the details of the treatment, so as to be more successful in the subsequent use, to reduce the occurrence of various problems.