Protective Socks The Antibacterial Principle Of Protective Socks

 Protective Socks Protective socks, anti-bacterial socks are generally refers to the suppression and kill the effect of bacteria socks

  Protective socks with up to 650 kinds of bacteria can inhibit the ability to effectively prevent dandruff, sweat mixed with the formation of bacterial metabolites foot odor, athlete's foot and other issues. The first for field troops, astronauts and other needs of long-term anti-bacterial deodorant professional use, can be up to 7-10 days in the case of non-stop wearing smelly feet and inhibit the effect of bacteria. After hundreds of times after washing, still maintain more than 95% of the antibacterial properties.

  Broad-spectrum antibacterial, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus and other 650 kinds of bacteria are excellent antibacterial effect. Ultra water resistance, is fixed in the fiber and by the fiber protection, so that it has a durable antibacterial effect and excellent washing fastness and dry fastness.

  Protective Socks Excellent deodorant effect, can reduce the malnutrition caused by microbial reproduction, fresh and lasting.

  Product safety, non-toxic, no stimulation of the skin.

  Antibacterial hygiene finishing editor

  Protective Socks Textile antibacterial is generally through antibacterial hygiene finishing, it is the international is the rise of textile dyeing and finishing high-tech. Core: to maintain the original color, resistant to washing, anti-bacterial function.

  Antimicrobial principle editor

  Protective Socks Is the use of cutting-edge nanotechnology will be nano-technology, nano-technology in the nanometer state of the bactericidal ability to produce a qualitative leap, very little nano can produce a strong bactericidal effect, in a few minutes to kill more than 650 kinds of micro-organisms. Nanoparticles act on the cell membrane, cell wall, and protein. Damage the positive and negative charge balance of bacteria, leading to bacterial death.