Radiation Shield Clothing

Radiation sjield clothing is the use of clothing in loop in the composition of the metal fiber produce induced current, produced by the induced current inverse electromagnetic shielding, the application of electromagnetic radiation shield clothing already have decades of history, the early anti-radiation garments for technology reason is relatively heavy, efficiency is low, the cost is high, is mainly engaged in radar, microwave communications department staff use.As technology advances, the clothing can be ZhiZhi too thin and soft, wet gas absorption, can be washed, and electromagnetic shielding efficiency is greatly improved.
Radiation protection clothing is the use of clothing inside loop produce induced current in the composition of the metal fiber, inverse electromagnetic field generated by the induced current of shielding.When cleaning the anti-radiation garments to the requirement of the water temperature is standard, had better not too high water temperature, more can't bleach, which reduces damage to the stainless steel fiber in the cleaning process