Remove The Most Effective Way To Remove The Stains On The Protective Gloves

Remove the most effective way to remove the stains on the Protective Gloves

Protective Gloves are contaminated with glue and gelatin stains, it is difficult to remove, only with the appropriate method to remove. Here are five common ways to remove stains:

First, the removal of universal glue stains

Protective Gloves on the stained with a universal plastic stains, available acetone or banana water droplets in the plastic stains, use the brush constantly repeated scrub, until the glue stains softened from the fabric off, and then rinse with water. One can not, can be repeatedly washed several times, the end can be washed. Made of acetate-containing fabrics Do not use this method to avoid damage to Protective Gloves.

Second, the removal of white latex stains

White latex is a synthetic resin, is a polyvinyl acetate milk. It is characterized by the addition of nylon silk and the like, the vast majority of fiber-quality materials are bonded, it can be firmly attached to the Protective Gloves. It also has a characteristic that can be dissolved in a variety of solutions. We use its own characteristics to find out the way to remove. Can be 60 ℃ white wine or 8: 2 alcohol (95%) and water mixture, soaked Protective Gloves on the white latex stains, about half an hour after soaking, you can scrub with water until the wash so far, and finally with water rinsing.

Third, the removal of chewing gum stains

Protective Gloves stained with gum candy stains can be used to remove the protective egg gloves on the surface of the adhesive, and then loose the remaining grain points one by one wipe, and finally into the soap liquid washing, and finally drift with water. If you can not wash the Protective Gloves, carbon tetrachloride can be applied to remove residual sewage.

Fourth, the removal of glue stains

Protective Gloves stained with stains such as glue, the protective glove can be immersed in the warm water in the water, when the stains are dissolved in water, and then hand rub until the stains all rub up so far, and then wash it again with warm washing , And finally rinse with water.

Fifth, the removal of water stains
Watercolor for painting In order to increase the color fastness, an appropriate amount of water-soluble gum is added to the pigment. When the Protective Gloves stained with water stains, the first use of hot water to remove the stains in the colloid to remove, and then decolorization of detergent or fresh ammonia, and finally drift with water. White Protective Gloves can be decolored with hydrogen peroxide.