Rigorous Testing Requirements For Flame Retardant Fabric, Specialty

Flame retardant fabric market developed rapidly, many manufacturers and businesses engaged in the development and sales in this area. But fire-retardant fabric this fabric is different from the ordinary textile sales, customer focus more on flame retardant product performance, and test data. Suppliers will also be based on the need to test the fire-retardant fabric, but most of the manufacturers did not have testing qualification, are sent to professional testing organization detected and provide the relevant test reports, and fire-retardant fabric inspection cycle longer, usually in about three weeks, which prolonged the production cycles of flame retardant fabric. So buyers in purchasing fabrics to find professional suppliers, can have its own testing center, the quality of the produced fire-retardant fabric has good control and shorten production cycles, and better quality control. Of course, manufacturer's test center must be synchronized with the Europe and the detection equipment and professional staff can.
Flame retardant cloth of detection is a items professional of rigorous of work, not only to detection flame retardant cloth of flame retardant performance--flame retardant cloth of flame retardant effect assessment basically are is first will flame retardant cloth lit burning (or placed flame in the) a time, dang fabric away from flame Hou, assessment its burning difficult easy degree and flame of spread speed; also to for fracture strong and torn strong test, and fabric of PH value and formaldehyde content. All test data mentioned above, to judge the quality of fire-retardant fabric border. St which can produce functional fabrics, but also produce functional protective clothing, can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, forestry and other industries. Meanwhile, our company can offer its customers a suite of testing services.