Safety Clothing Plays A Vital Role In The Work

Safety Clothing plays a vital role in the work
Now the enterprises are focused on corporate culture, so the workers have a certain demand on the clothing, in order to dress uniform, are currently using a unified method of customization, then unified custom clothing in the work of what impact?
To protect the body mainly refers to the external environment to prevent the harm caused by the human body, such as mechanical hazards, chemical hazards, radiation and insect bite and so on. Clothing to make the body from the above-mentioned hazards, the material should be toughness, resistance, radiation, insulation, conductivity and washability and so on. These features are particularly important in functional Safety Clothing.
Can keep the skin clean and custom-made Safety Clothing pollution mainly from the external and clothing within the skin excretion. External pollution refers to the outside of the dust, oil, fruit juice and so on. Skin pollution mainly from the excretion of sebum, cell shedding and sweat and secretion of fat and so on. Such as long-term use of contaminated underwear, will produce odor, breeding bacteria, induced skin diseases. Therefore, the underwear clothing materials should be able to absorb the dirt on the skin to prevent the external dust, sweat after the non-stick body, clothing finishing agent and dye on the body without stimulation, and has a washable, mildew, anti-seedlings and other functions.
Physical safety activities and their materials should be suitable for human activities and daily activities and labor. Therefore, custom Safety Clothing materials should be sufficient flexibility, flexibility and so on. Work clothes style can not be too tight, to prevent the increase in the body's pressure, affect the action and blood circulation.
In summary, it is easy to see that the safety of comfort clothing is involved in the content, is the clothing environment, human physiology, clothing materials, the relationship between the three factors and its best match. Therefore, in the efficiency of the workers is the human safety - the environment as a system to study.
Safety Clothing to wear a long time there will be fading phenomenon, will seriously affect the beauty of Safety Clothing, so the proper maintenance of safe clothing will prevent this from happening. To share with you a few Safety Clothing maintenance and anti-fade method.
First, the maintenance of Safety Clothing: 1, in the cleaning time, do not use too much force to scrub, so as not to change clothes, and lead to wear inappropriate. 2, safe clothing washed, do not force wring dry, so that clothes take shape, do not drip dry, so clothes will be appropriate to dry after walking. 3, in the dry when the hanging flat to prevent the Safety Clothing wrinkle. 4, do not sun exposure. 5, pay attention to ventilation, to avoid moisture, so as to mold and produce bacteria.
Second, the Safety Clothing fading problem: 1. Safety Clothing in the cleaning when the fade phenomenon, you can clean it before you put it in cold saline soak for 1-2 hours, and then wash with soap. Cotton clothing, it is recommended to use the first water to wash and then wear, so wear and easy to fade. 2. In the easy to fade the safety of washing clothing, must be in advance color separation washing, so as not to stain each other. Before washing, add the appropriate amount of salt in water, soak it in water for half an hour, then rinse with water, and wash it according to conventional hand washing method. 3, the general sweater easier to fade, so before cleaning, soak for 10 minutes or so, and then in accordance with the conventional washing method to clean, so that the cleaning method can not only fade, but also can extend the clothes wearing time! 4, in order to make the Safety Clothing does not fade, in addition to the attention should not be washed in hot water, soapy water, alkaline water soak for a long time, do not use the washing plate or brush rub brush, the washing can be put some salt in the water, Clean water, but also to prevent the clothes fade a good way.
The above points to maintain and prevent the Safety Clothing fade methods, we hope to wash the Safety Clothing when the help.