Safety Clothing You Clean Professional?

Safety Clothing you clean professional?
Safety Clothing, also known as clean clothes, clean clothes, with excellent, long-lasting conductive properties. Widely used in electronics, pharmaceutical, food, bio-engineering, optical, aerospace, aviation, CPT, semiconductors, precision machinery, plastics, painting, hospitals, environmental protection and other industries clean workshop.
Safety Clothing is widely used in the clean room environment, so its cleaning and maintenance is very important. The most important part of the management of Safety Clothing is cleaning, although the Safety Clothing fabric is difficult to dirty dirty fiber, but if the use of ordinary washing method is easily soiled, so must use a special method.
Often Safety Clothing is washed at least once a week, and some require high jobs or even once a day. Safety Clothing must be cleaned in a clean room to avoid contamination of dust and bacteria and detergents.
Tianjin strength is the use of international advanced cleaning equipment, with 100 purification cleaning packaging center, equipped with professional isolation washing machine, high efficiency filter cleaning dryer, 18 MĪ©EDI ultra-pure water system and ESD and dust test equipment. The use of two RO water and non-ionic surface detergent to clean the uniforms to clean, clean clothes after cleaning the folding, packaging, testing and temporary storage are completed in an ultra clean environment.
As long as the body is not wrong, Safety Clothing is no harm, but do not stay in the clean room for a long time, rest time should come out through the fresh air. Safety Clothing, also known as anti-static clothing, clean clothes, the use of polyester filament fiber + carbon fiber anti-static clean fabric from sewing. The main function of the Safety Clothing is to prevent the body to produce anti-static damage to the product; to prevent our clothes on the dust, hair stick to our products, so the safety of clothing on the human body without any harm to the characteristics of Safety Clothing 1. anti-static performance, But not only on the human body has a protective effect, more effective to ensure that the quality of electronic products, 4. electrostatic clothing itself in addition to anti-static, but also in addition to anti-static, anti-static, anti- (50-100 times) cleaning, can be used for 10-10000 level clean room, excellent performance, wearing comfortable, has been electronic precision instruments, petroleum, chemical, medical and health, food industry Use, and even to achieve anti-static, dust-free, sterile, explosion-proof purposes. Most of the electronics factories need to wear Safety Clothing to avoid dust into the workshop, especially electronic products or pharmaceuticals. Safety Clothing in addition to permeability is not strong, there is no harm it
The most serious harm caused by static electricity is fire and explosion. Therefore, the focus of electrostatic safety protection is mainly on the protection of fire and explosion.
(1) individual protection
The body in the walk, wear off the clothes or stand up from the chair and other activities in the process, due to clothing and other solid material contact and separation and electrostatic induction and other reasons, can make the body produce static electricity. The discharge between the body and other objects, the discharge spark enough to ignite the oil vapor and many gases. Therefore, in the explosive flammable environment, must wear with conductive fiber made of anti-static work clothes and made of conductive rubber anti-static shoes.
(2) control the generation and accumulation of static electricity
Eliminate the hazards of static electricity, should first take technical measures, from the process to limit or avoid the generation and accumulation of static electricity. Such as the selection of materials or the selection of materials used in the production equipment to pay attention; to improve the mode of operation, to prevent splashing power, rinse and so on, and try to reduce the friction speed or flow rate; filling the solution when the tank bottom impurities, Purification of petroleum products helps to eliminate additional static electricity. You can also take the leak method and neutralization method to eliminate static electricity.
For you and the safety of electronic components, it is recommended that you pay attention to the installation of electronic safety equipment, in order to achieve the effect of anti-static!