Safety Gloves And Socks For Use And Selection

Safety Gloves and Socks for use and selection

Safety Gloves and Socks for use

The physical, chemical and biological factors in the defense labor harm the worker's hand protector. Safety Gloves and Socks stainless steel silk gloves can only be said to be limited protection, the enterprise should be modified in the equipment safety device; To use on the cutting device of high speed rotating blade, wire gloves can only do transient protection (and to a timely shutdown), if not in time to stop machine, steel wire gloves will also be cut off.

Safety Gloves and Socks are a lot of varieties and should be used according to the protection function.

Carefully choose again after 1. Clear protective object, such as resistance to acid and alkali gloves have strong acid or alkali, have low concentration acid or low concentration of alkali resistant, resistant to low concentration acid or low concentration alkali gloves can not be used in contact with acid or alkali, in order to avoid accidents.

2. The waterproof, acid-proof and alkali gloves should be carefully checked before use. If there is any damage on the surface, the easiest way is to blow in the glove and pinch the sleeve with your hand to see if it is leaking.

3. Insulation gloves should be inspected regularly for electrical insulation, which is not suitable for use.

4. The Safety Gloves and Socks of rubber and plastic shall be cleaned and dried after use, and the heat shall be avoided when kept, and the powder shall be sprinkled with talcum powder to prevent adhesion.

5. When exposed to strong oxidizing acid such as nitric acid and chromic acid, it should be observed that strong oxidation can cause the Safety Gloves and Socks to be brittle, discolored and early damage.

6. Latex industrial gloves apply only to weak ones, low concentrations of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and various salts, not to contact with strong oxidizing acid (nitric acid, etc.).

For outdoor workers, safe gloves and socks are used correctly. Safety Gloves and Socks in our life should be a common items, to our production and life has brought a lot of help, but the Safety Gloves and Socks manufacturer told us in the summer also should pay attention to Safety Gloves and Socks is prevented bask in question.

Prevent bask in. Often exposure under the sun is not only on the surface will fade in greatly reduce the service life of these goods, we are not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, for these Safety Gloves and Socks are also need to prevent bask in, usually after using them in a cool place, do not put in the place that the sun, the sun protection measures can be very good to protect them, increase their life and let them give us create greater economic benefits.

To clean. For white Safety Gloves and Socks, do not contact with hard-to-clean items such as carbon ink. This color of safe gloves and socks is washed clean, with toothpaste, or white chalk powder. Pay attention to cool dry, but prevent discoloration. Or find two white, clean sheets of paper on top to dry and tear. You can also prevent discoloration.

In fact, as long as you pay more attention to your daily life, Safety Gloves and Socks are more durable and apply to more intense work, so you don't have to worry too much.

Safety Gloves and Socks are widely used in our daily life, the selection of styles and samples is more, also come in different sizes for different USES, it has played an important role in our life.

Safe gloves and sock discoloration are often met, and Safety Gloves and Socks manufacturers tell you how to solve them:

A, the Safety Gloves and Socks are just bought back. If you are afraid of fading, you can soak them in brine before cleaning, about half an hour. If it continues to fade, you can put a little salt in each wash, and it won't fade any longer.

B, in daily life, people feeling is dark jeans, especially the darker the most easy to fade, experienced the aunt will when air is basked in the sun, in fact, Safety Gloves and Socks can also such, after cleaning, in turn bask in, avoid direct exposure of sunlight, so it is not easy to fade.

C, for some cotton gloves, in order to prevent discoloration, can add a little vinegar in everyday life, can not buy good vinegar, but don't put too much, a little bubble for a while, this can not only prevent discoloration can also increase the bright degree.

Safety Gloves and Socks, Safety Gloves and Socks natural rubber gloves should not be used in long contact with acid, alkali and oil, and should prevent sharp object piercing. After use, wash cool dry, the glove inside and outside the ground of the slippery stone powder, safekeeping, in the custody not to be pressed, heat.