So That Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing Eclipsed Three Reasons

So that Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing eclipsed three reasons
 Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing anti-static performance will not wear with the time and gradually fade? Many customers will ask us for similar questions when purchasing advice. In fact, we use Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing in the process, many details will make its performance subsided. It can be said that the life of Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing and the wearer's habits are closely related.
 Then Xiaobian and you chat to make Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing "eclipsed" the three reasons for it
One, excessive beauty
In the process of using Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing, it is too ugly, forced to change the style of clothing, will destroy the original design of the conductive fabric structure, thus damaging the Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing anti-static function.
Second, no laundry
Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing as a special function of clothing, to use the detergent and ordinary fashion is different. We generally use strong acid and alkaline detergent, it is easy to damage the Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing fabric structure, if you use the ordinary washing machine pulled up rubbing, anti-static performance will naturally be greatly affected. So the correct way is to find a professional cleaning cleaning company regular cleaning to protect the performance of Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing is not infringed.
Three, will not be maintained
Will not be maintained this can also be divided into many faces, one is too lazy to wash, so that Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing is full of dirt, cover its Guanghua; two is broken holes, ragged; three is too confident, the Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing at that time Wear clothes ... ... the above practices will greatly damage the Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing.
In order to protect the normal use of Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing, enjoy the length of its life should be, so that you protect it well.
 In recent years, science and technology industry to develop, microelectronics, biotechnology and other industries more prosperous, and these industries are inseparable from Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing. Wear anti-static overalls is not only to protect the product, but also for everyone's life safety sake.
 And we usually wear fashion to compare the price of Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing is still relatively cheap. Then some people may ask, the price of Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing is how much?
We buy things in life, will first consider a variety of factors: quality, performance, appearance, price and so on. So before the purchase of Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing, but also hope that we can understand a little Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing.
In layman's terms, Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing can also be called anti-static overalls, is to prevent the generation of static electricity wearing clothing, is working in the clean room of the necessary work clothes. According to the different materials, Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing prices are different. In addition, the Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing can be divided into Siamese Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing and split Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing, Siamese static clothes because the clothes and pants tightly connected together, to a large extent reduce the occurrence of static electricity, so it is relative to the points The cost of static electricity is more expensive. In accordance with the classification of the season can also be classified as winter clothing uniforms, summer overalls, spring overalls, long-sleeved overalls, short-sleeved overalls, seasonal Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing prices are also gaps.
In order to produce the quality of the product, Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing also has a certain standard, so Electromagnetic Shielding Clothing need to always check, if not meet the standard, you need to replace. Clothing itself is not bad, but its anti-static performance has reached the standard, so the replacement is not some waste of funds? No, if not replaced, the impact on product quality, resulting in the loss will be greater.