Suggestions For Choosing To Order Construction Workers' Safety Gloves And Socks

Suggestions for choosing to order construction workers' Safety Gloves and Socks

Construction Safety Gloves and Socks installed more and more workers attention, first-line workers in the construction site work, they wind and sun, and strive to build a beautiful home, Safety Gloves and Socks should be in line with their requirements, When it is necessary to protect their bodies and avoid their injuries in the construction work, from here it seems that construction workers wear Safety Gloves and Socks is particularly important, what kind of Safety Gloves and Socks, how to wear Safety Gloves and Socks, How to maintain their Safety Gloves and Socks, so that construction workers Safety Gloves and Socks in the Safety Gloves and Socks environment to maximize his labor protection and protective effect, the construction workers they are engaged in large operations.

A set of good building Safety Gloves and Socks is necessary, it is necessary to work hard, but also wearing comfortable, cotton Safety Gloves and Socks the most suitable for their dress, the best things with cotton canvas, strong solid, comfortable, It is recommended to choose a relatively neutral color of the main colors, can effectively prevent the construction workers in the operator dust adsorption in the Safety Gloves and Socks.

Their biggest problem is that the dust is big, need a good wash fabric, and then some of the fuel, pulp, cement and the like is difficult with the cleaning of things, chemical fiber Safety Gloves and Socks can solve your problems, easy to clean Frivolous, easy to wear, easy to move, is the most suitable construction workers wearing Safety Gloves and Socks loaded.
Wearing Safety Gloves and Socks when it will inevitably bumps, the work is often possible to contact with metal machines, etc., often the machine above the rust, accidentally stained clothes rust, is the use of conventional laundry and laundry liquid It is difficult to completely remove the rust mark, is it because a piece of stains do not wear this Safety Gloves and Socks it? The following by the Chengdu Safety Gloves and Socks manufacturers of the staff of the staff to answer your questions, how quickly and easily remove the surface of the surface of the rust mark:

        Safety Gloves and Socks stained with rust stains how to do? The following is to remove the rust on the clothes stains approach.

The first method: If you find Safety Gloves and Socks stained with rust, do not worry, as long as the Safety Gloves and Socks immersed in acetic acid containing two percent of the water, two or three minutes later, rinse with water, if stains are Less, can also be dipped in cotton wok with 5% acetic acid water, over and over again in the stains wipe, rust stains will disappear.

The second method: in addition to rust stains with lemon juice and salt into a paste in the sewage, rub a rub, and then washed twice, rust can be removed.

The third method: 2% oxalic acid solution can be used in about 50 ℃ warm water to remove, and then drift with water. With 3-4 tablets of vitamin C tablets crushed into powder, sprinkled in the wet Safety Gloves and Socks, and then scrub with water several times, but also remove the rust stains. In the case of rust, can be 10% oxalic acid, citric acid and water mixture will dip rust at the wet, and then immersed in concentrated salt water, 1 day after the wash can be.