The Main Reason For The Performance Of Anti-static Clothing

To judge an Anti-static Clothing is good or bad, its Anti-static Clothing is very critical point. So what determines the Anti-static Clothing Anti-static Clothing?
Yes, it is static wire. The so-called electrostatic wire, that is, conductive fiber. If there is no electrostatic wire, Anti-static Clothing Anti-static Clothing is no longer exist.
The impact of electrostatic wire on the Anti-static Clothing, mainly divided into two points.
First, the authenticity of electrostatic wire.
Anti-static Clothing fabrics are made through the electrostatic silk and polyester evenly woven, so that the Anti-static Clothing with Anti-static Clothing. But some bad business, do not really electrostatic wire, the fabric itself is not anti-static. Their Anti-static Clothing can finally be detected by the instrument, simply because the surface of the Anti-static Clothing coated with a layer of anti-static solvent, so that it has a temporary Anti-static Clothing. This Anti-static Clothing as long as through a washing, it will dissipate the eighteen nine. This is why some Anti-static Clothing sells particularly cheap reasons.
Second, the density of electrostatic silk.
Electrostatic insulation of the Anti-static Clothing Anti-static Clothing, presumably this is not difficult to understand, the stronger the density will make Anti-static Clothing is also stronger, high-end Anti-static Clothing more expensive also have this reason.
With the development of science and technology, electronics, aviation, medicine, biology and other high-tech industries are more and more attention to the quality of products, in order to develop high-end top products, the work environment needs to be clean, and their staff will wear On the dust-free Anti-static Clothing.
Dust, mainly from people, in the clean room can account for about 90%. Second, Anti-static Clothing materials, style, cleaning methods, and whether the activities will affect the amount of dust. Material: cotton clothing the largest amount of dust, followed by cotton, and indeed good, to pure static polyester, nylon. Style: anti-static coat the largest amount of dust, anti-static sub-service times, anti-static Siamese clothes at least. Activity: the body movement, the amount of dust is 3-7 times the static, so should not run in the clean room. Cleaning: with a special solvent cleaning Anti-static Clothing, dust can be controlled in the ordinary water cleaning 1/5 or so. Clean, not to say that there is no dust, but will be greater than 0.5 micron particle size of the dust control in a very low range. In the production of electronic components, these dust on the yield has a very big impact.
The use of metal or organic conductive or sub-conductive material made of fiber can be called conductive fibers. The volume resistivity is between 104 and 109Ω / cm. Conductive fibers in accordance with the conductive component in the fiber distribution can be divided into three categories: uniform type, cover type, composite type. Among them, the use of the most conductive composite type. In the chemical fiber fabric by adding conductive fibers made of Anti-static Clothing, the power is based on the charge leakage and neutralization of the two mechanisms. When grounded, static electricity can be discharged through the conductive fiber to the earth; not grounded by the conductive fiber weak corona discharge and power.
What is the anti-static fabric? After anti-static processing of the fabric can be called anti-static fabric. Anti-static fabric can be woven fabrics, such as conductive silk, anti-static T / C fabric; can also be knitted fabrics, such as anti-static knitted gloves, anti-electric knitted underwear.
Anti-static Clothing for Anti-static Clothing is often referred to as "conductive silk." This argument is not very rigorous, conductive silk according to its own characteristics, can be anti-static, and used in clean room. Only apply to the clean room of the conductive silk can be called anti-static ultra-clean fabric.