The Types Of Anti Radiation Fabrics

1, the radiation protection coating fabrics
Radiation protection coating fabric, it is early in the field of radiation protection products production process.Radiation protection coating fabrics production principle is a layer of metallic paint spraying on the surface of the material, product, and the conductivity of the metal is used to shield the electromagnetic radiation.Although the radiation protection coating fabrics can block out more than 30 db of electromagnetic radiation in daily life, but due to the radiation protection fabric is the metal spraying, it is easy to fall off causing anti-radiation effect is reduced, so the coating anti-radiation fabric can not wash.In addition, the metal coating fabric is breathable, surface quality, and the rough hard is not fit to make clothes.At present, the similar products on the market are rare.
2, metal fiber fabrics of radiation protection
Metal fibre fabrics of radiation protection, is the metal smoke into filaments, again at the bottom of the embedded system of fiber and cotton blended fabric ZhiZhi.So, metal fibre anti-radiation fabric, is not easy to make metal drops, the effect of radiation protection to is better than that of the radiation protection coating fabrics, can block out more than 60 db of electromagnetic radiation.At present, the use of metal fiber fabrics of radiation protection on the market of radiation protection products more.Radiation protection cover blanket, anti-radiation maternity, radiation protection work clothes.
Due to the strong oxidation resistance metal fibre, inlay to the fabric inside the wire is not easy to fall off.So, made of metal fibre anti-radiation fabric supplies radiation proof clothes, etc can be washed.Should not be only when cleaning, strong rubbing or machine wash, and should be gently hand wash hanging out to dry.
3, silver fiber fabrics of radiation protection
Silver fiber fabrics of radiation protection, is a layer of silver by special technology will permanently covered on the surface of the fiber, high-tech products.Silver fiber with hangzhou bacteria, deodorization, the characteristics of the radiation protection performance is strong, is an ideal material for radiation protection suits.Silver fiber radiation protection fabric can block out more than 70 db of electromagnetic radiation, to effectively for shielding electromagnetic radiation in everyday life.But silver has a strong oxidation performance, so generally don't advise people to wash or wear, because of long time clean or wear cause of silver fiber oxidation, so as to reduce the radiation protection performance.