There Are Many Ways To Choose Flame Retardant Clothing

There are many ways to choose Flame Retardant Clothing

You can also by the olfactory approach to observation, some unqualified have certain toxicity, Flame Retardant Clothing will flame retardant protective packaging bags out when you need to pay attention to, there should be no surprise, or excitant odour, if stimulating odour and can seriously affect our physical and mental health, will cause certain damage on everybody's body.

In the choice of time can also to test it by using the method of wear, ornaments, try a flame retardant protective clothing should not affect its normal work, see if it wear off fast and convenient, should take off quickly, these are introduced by master garment testing standards. You must be in accordance with the method of formal design and view, can by hand touch can also be used to see, nose to smell is ok, but must select some in advance when buy a regular have qualified manufacturers, only formal manufacturers can meet our actual demand, its wear method is also very rich cultured.

Depending on the Flame Retardant Clothing protection grade can be divided into class A and class B and class C, top grade A flame retardant properties, breaking strength is very good, tear, strength is also very good, in addition its bending degree of the dimensional changes and also have certain requirements, the most important is its formaldehyde content is very small, the wear of formaldehyde content should be less than 300 PPM, direct contact with the skin should be less than 75 PPM. Flame Retardant Clothing in real life can not be used in various environments and various occasions, widely used in oilfield, metallurgy, electric welding machine fire the workplace have special requirements to the clothing, such as flame retardant test standard there are a lot of fashion, the name is divided into two broad categories.

Fabric flame retardant performance tester is a kind of vertical method, is suitable decoration to the there is a requirement for Flame Retardant Clothing netting plants, tents, fabric, etc. The use of flame retardant performance, can provide rubber industrial textiles printing and dyeing industry, testing departments and scientific research units, the application of protective clothing performance is very good, the first part of protective clothing flame retardant protective Flame Retardant Clothing GB 8965.1 2009. Another is the thermal protection performance tester, which measures the heat insulation performance of the flame retardant protective suit fabric exposed to the radiant heat source and the convective heat source.

Detector using a very efficient, we at the time of use must according to the normal method for application of the most basic test items include fabric tensile strength, tear strength, fabric flame retardant performance, etc. You have to make choices in a reasonable way. Is look at first, the packing of the inside and outside the flame retardant protective clothing, including a wide variety of goods tags, special labor protection clothing safety sign whether complete, sometimes the safety signs of special labor protective clothing is not correct, so we must buy the right to regular places to buy, but also pay attention to check, check the appearance of the Flame Retardant Clothing, take a look at its surface is defective, damaged and stitching defects.

Flame Retardant Clothing structural formula of the neckline, hem cuff is very important, must pay attention to the preservation of the product, so as to avoid accumulated flying metal heat or sparks wrote fly but leave the vent, lest it under your arms back crotch inside, so as to avoid external foreign bodies to enter, if you really don't see this kind of product is good or bad, it can be evaluated using the method of hand feeling, the quality of good flame retardant protective clothing feels softer feel, does not stimulate the skin, skin without any harm to us.