Use Protective Gloves Should Pay Attention To What

Use Protective Gloves should pay attention to what

Many migrant workers believe that the city to work, as long as earn money on the line, the obligations of the employer is not very understanding. Yongxing labor insurance to remind the majority of migrant workers in the workplace must be required to wear and use Protective Gloves.

What is Protective Gloves?

Protective Gloves, refers to the production and business units for employees with, so that in the course of labor from or to reduce the accident damage and occupational hazards of personal protective equipment. Protective Gloves are divided into special labor protection supplies and general labor protection products, special labor protection supplies directory by the State Administration of Work Safety to determine and publish, not included in the directory of labor protection products for general labor protection supplies.

According to the provisions of Article 54 of the Labor Law: Employers must provide workers with labor safety and hygiene conditions and necessary Protective Gloves in accordance with the state regulations. Workers engaged in occupational hazards should conduct regular health checks. Employers provide labor protection products are divided into the following: according to the use and protection of parts, Protective Gloves can be divided into: to prevent casualties; prevention of occupational diseases; protection of the designated parts of the human body; to prevent casualties; prevention of occupational diseases; protection of human designated parts for the purpose Of the protective equipment.

Second, the role of Protective Gloves supplies

Protective Gloves for personal use of workers, is to protect workers from occupational hazards of the last line of defense. When the labor safety and health technical measures can not eliminate the production process of labor hazards and harmful factors, fail to meet national standards, industry standards and the relevant provisions, but also temporarily unable to carry out technological transformation, the use of Protective Gloves has become both to complete the production of labor tasks , But also to protect the safety and health of workers as a means.

Its main role there are a few: one is the role of isolation and shielding, so that the body from harmful factors, such as labor protection products can be a good isolation from some of the external stimuli to avoid skin dermatitis and other sick response; Is the role of filtration and adsorption (collection), with the protection of certain polymers in the active or porous substances on the adsorption of toxic substances, washing clean air, such as activated carbon and other porous substances adsorption detoxification.

Third, how to use Protective Gloves supplies

Use Protective Gloves to pay attention to the following problems: First, the choice of protective equipment should be for the purpose of protection, the right choice to meet the requirements of the supplies, must not be wrong or will be used to avoid accidents. Secondly, we must conscientiously accept education and training, fully understand the purpose and significance of the use of labor protection products, and the proper use. For the structure and use of more complex items, such as respiratory protection, should be repeated training. For the emergency relief of the respirator, to be regularly rigorously tested and properly stored in the vicinity of the possible accident location, easy access; again, proper maintenance of protective equipment, not only to extend its use of the period, more importantly, can guarantee its Protective effect. Earplugs, masks, masks and other applications after the use of soap, washed with water, and liquid disinfection, dry. Filter filter respirator filter to be replaced regularly to prevent failure. To prevent skin contamination after taking the work should be centralized cleaning. Finally, the protective equipment should be hand management, responsible for maintenance, to ensure that it can play a full role.
Chemical glove material of a wide range of chemical substances, different nature, in the choice of anti-chemical gloves to pay special attention.
(1) natural latex - in general, natural latex for aqueous solution, such as acid and alkali aqueous solution has a better protective effect. Its advantages are comfortable, flexible and flexible.
(2) nitrile - the chemical substances of oil, fat, petrochemical products.