What Is The Principle Of Flame Retardant Fabrics Fire Retardant Tooling

Many industries owing to security considerations, working clothes used in fabrics, function are strictly to be reached, including flame retardant is an extremely important point, for this type of work clothes, we usually also referred to as flame retardant equipment. Production tooling certainly need fabric flame retardant must have qualified quality flame retardant fabric, most fire-retardant fabrics are flame retardant finishing agent for finishing processing of flame retardant fabrics.
Flame retardancy of flame-retardant fabrics finishing agents are classified by durability, 1. non-durable flame retardant agent: temporary flame retardant finishing agents, after washing will soon flame retardancy, the process is simple, cheap and suitable for use do not wash fabrics. 2. semi-durable flame retardant finish: the flame retardant finishing of 1-10 mild resistance of fabric can be washed. But not resistant to high temperature washing. 3. durable flame retardant agent: is the most commonly used flame retardant fabric finishing methods, can reach 30 or more general washing. New flame retardant fabrics are used for protection of durable flame retardant agent and can reach 50 or more wash, CP FRECOTEX flame retardant finish and the new brand is environmentally friendly flame retardant, production of flame retardant fabrics can meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 environmental protection standards.
Although the principle of flame retardant overalls are very simple, but it can effectively protect people's safety at work is a must. Flame retardant equipment is widely used in oil, petrochemicals, gas stations, chemicals, tooling requirements for protection there are several occasions such as fire.