When The Anti-static Clothing Quietly Slipped Into The Ordinary Room

When the Anti-static Clothing quietly slipped into the ordinary room
For the Anti-static Clothing cleanliness, often have a very high demand, so it's cleaning, nor is it as simple as imagined.
If you have such a misunderstanding, then this article will change your mind.
When the Anti-static Clothing quietly slipped into the ordinary room, one hundred thousand of the dust it drowned, and then filled with impurities in the water cleaning - this is not cleaning, but pollution. Anti-static Clothing is absolutely can not use ordinary cleaning method of cleaning, the visible stain is not Anti-static Clothing cleaning standards.
Cleaning Anti-static Clothing, the environment is 100, 1000 clean room, clean water is PH value of neutral water, cleaning agents should also use non-ionic surfactants. After cleaning clean, but also need to clean dry, and then through the cleanliness detection, ESD detection, and finally purification package. From cleaning to drying, and then to the packaging, all the processes are in clean clean room.
So clean Anti-static Clothing is not a simple matter, if you can not complete such a cleaning, we must find a professional cleaning company to complete this task.
In the Anti-static Clothing procurement, some people may not understand because of a loss at a loss. Suzhou easy to pass is 16 years specializing in the production of Anti-static Clothing manufacturers, you can answer this question.
Anti-static Clothing in industrial production plays a very important role, can directly affect the quality of the product, but also employees need a long time to wear clothing, so in the purchase of Anti-static Clothing, need to consider many aspects.
First, anti-static performance.
The authenticity of the conductive fiber and the arrangement of the fiber insulation will affect the Anti-static Clothing anti-static performance, do not covet cheap, buy some false Anti-static Clothing.
Second, the style.
Anti-static Clothing is divided into anti-static coat, anti-static sub-service, anti-static Siamese clothing, the latter the stronger the performance. This should be difficult to understand, the more the body wrapped tightly, its cleanliness, anti-static performance will be better. In addition, the choice of color, LOGO printing also need to be taken into account.
Third, the production process.
Qualified Anti-static Clothing are made of polyester filament and conductive fiber evenly woven into, since it is the same raw materials, it depends on the manufacturers of the production process is good. You can understand the manufacturers of the production process has not been certified by the national authority system.
Fourth, the degree of comfort.
With the economic development, improve the quality of life, the staff of the humanistic care is also more and more important. So in addition to product considerations, for the comfort of the staff is also essential. Whether the size of fit, style is reasonable, whether the pocket and other convenient design, etc., are worth considering.
Formal Anti-static Clothing fabrics are made of polyester filament and conductive fiber mixed and even woven into the. So the Anti-static Clothing fabric is in accordance with the conductive fiber weaving way points, they can be divided into striped fabric and grid fabric. Only woven into the conductive fiber, can make the fabric has anti-static performance.
At present, the Anti-static Clothing fabric is divided into 0.5 stripes, 0.5 grid, 0.25 grid. In general, the following clean rooms we recommend the use of 0.5 striped fabric Anti-static Clothing, 1000 clean room we recommend the use of 0.5 grid fabric Anti-static Clothing, and 100 clean room will use 0.25 grid fabric Anti-static Clothing.
As the grid and stripes of the weave is different, and 0.5 grid and 0.25 mesh conductive wire density is different, so there are some differences in the price, the grid price will be slightly higher than the striped fabric.