100% Stainless Steel Knitted Fabric

100% Stainless Steel Knitted Fabric
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Product Details

Stainless steel fiber knitted  fabric is made of 100% stainless steel 316L fiber,so it is a kind of metal fabric,the knitted metal fiber fabric is elastic , it can stretch in all directions.and the metal fiber fabric is also very soft as common fabric, it can be cut by scissor .

As the stainless steel cloth is made of  stainless steel fiber, so it is also heat resistant fabric,conductive  fabric and corrosion resist fabric, it can be used for high temperature filter fabric and glass making steel fabric .

Mostly ,stainless steel fiber knitted fabric is used as auto glass making mould cover metal fabric for glass industry.


Working temperature : 500-600 C degrees

Weight : 500-1500g/m2 , as to order

Thickness : 0.5-2 mm, as to requires

Width : 1.55 meter

Package : 1.5 X10 meters 

Company Introduction

Established in 1979 ,Baoding San Yuan Textile Technology Co.,Ltd is a large professional manufacturer of fuctional textile product and PPE products in China. And we have the whole industry chain of fibre products,yarn,weaving and terminal products.

We have outstanding production and export business supply for oil,petrochemical, eletrical&power,mining,metallurgy,glass-making and military industry. Best quality textlies are sold far around the world ,and they are popular with customers in the international market.

Product categories :

1. Functional clothing: anti-static,heat-retardant,flame retardant,arc retardant, anti-radiation,chemical resistant,cut-resistant ,high water pressure resistant,and we can do it to your requires.

2. Functional fibre&yarn: stainless steel fibre yarn, Fe-Cr-Al fiber yarn, anti-static/heat-retardant/flame retardant yarn, conductive yarn, carbon fibre yarn, cotton anti-static yarn ,silver fibre yarn, etc

3. Functional fabric&belt : anti-static fabric, heat-retardant fabric,flame retardant fabric, anti-radiation fabric,anti-arc fabric,stainless steel fibre fabric ,pre oxidized non flammable fabric ,etc

Sanyuan Textile, well acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various quality protective products in China, now has 100% stainless steel knitted fabric for sale. Equipped with a productive factory, we warmly welcome you to wholesale our 100% stainless steel knitted fabric at reasonable price and check the quotation with us.